Mindy Rodman and Paul White: ‘Miro Kite’

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Rodman White House is the collaboration of Mindy Rodman and  Paul White. Together we create whimsical, polychromatic sculpture , sculptural  furniture and furnishings.

We are a humakingdolphinsband and wife team, collaborating on projects since 1980. We started our journey in celluloid, making short experimental films about the human condition, that showed in film festivals and classrooms (along with accompanying study guides) throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. During this time we worked professionally within the motion picture industry.

After a decade working in film, we wanted to reach people without the need for a darkened room, and to create a body of work that was both tangible and functional. Still wishing to have our artwork inspire people to see the world in a new way and think outside the box, we took to making sculptural art furniture and furnishings, out of wood , metal and other mixed media. Cabinets fit together like lockets, while bending and swaying in a dance of life; simultaneously illustrating our individual uniqueness as well as our interdependence on each other as a community.

By the new millennium we had taught ourselves to weld and were concentrating more and more on outdoor sculptures made of steel. Working in steel allows us to better illustrate both the fragility and strength of the human condition, which has always been a central theme in our work. While we still use bright, bold colors, our most recent pieces include large expanses of steel that have been burnished in a way that interacts with the light, creating the effect of rhythm and motion, as well as depth, allowing the viewers to look into the soul of the piece. While we work in both abstract and figurative styles, all of our work incorporates humor and a desire to uplift the human spirit.

For more information Mindy and Paul, visit their web site at RodmanWhite.com 


Miro Kite: Our first-ever public art sculpture, a piece we call "Miro Kite", was installed in May 2009 at the downtown transit center of the city of Vista, California. "Miro Kite" is part of the "Kites Over Vista" public art project, a series of eight kite sculptures by California artists on display throughout downtown Vista.
Our kite was on display from May 2009 to May 2010. We donated the kite to Alta Vista Gardens in May 2010

Video about the Miro Kite

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