Melissa Ralston- ‘Tail Spin’ & ‘The Blessing Tree’



My love for metalworking began at an  early age. Growing up in a small town in Iowa, I spent many hours helping my  father in his blacksmith shop. At the time, I didn’t realize how much he was  influencing my life ambitions.

My art is easy to enjoy and simple to  understand. I like to design pieces that have meaning and that reflect universal  aspects of nature and man’s spiritual connection to it. Private commissions and  site- specific projects are my favorites to create.

Utilizing my degrees in Interior Design and Art History I spent  much of my career as a freelance designer. As an artist and past gallery owner I  am passionate about art education and public art  advocacy.

I have had the fortunate opportunities to sell work to many  private commissions, as well as, the City of Vista, City of San Diego, Ocean  Hills Country Club, Rady’s Children’s Hospital and others.

To contact Melissa call: 760-715-5678 or E-mail:


Blessing Tree2

‘The Blessing Tree’: Reminiscent of ancient Chinese architecture, this tree serves as an entrance. Music is created as the colored lanterns flow with the breeze. Constructed of steel, the two posts are inscribed with traditional Chinese characters representing blessings of love, happiness, peace, prosperity, strength, harmony, joy and friendship.


‘Tail Spin’:Reminiscent of the traditional Chinese kites, “Tail Spin” captures the final moments of descent as the kite spins uncontrollably to the ground.   

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