Phillip Glashoff: Five Sculptures...

Phillip Glashoff is a metal sculptor
the work is whimsical, created from found objects
& formed into colorful intricate metal sculptures

PGwRedGuitarDsPhillip Glashoff continues the tradition of the lifestyle he was born to on his northern California ranch. Phillip’s love of the land is evident in the herds of cattle and horses that graze his land. It is also seen in the walnut and orange orchards that cover portions of the property. Phillip says that doing his own farming keeps him humble and grounded. His real passion also dots the landscape of the ranch, herds of steel sculpted cattle, giant banjos, and archways made of street signs.

After several years of agricultural studies at Cal Poly State University, Phillip realized his true passion for art thru sculpting.

At age 29, he decided he wanted to create images that would last. He first took fabricated pieces of steel, which he welded to armatures. Then, the farm’s influences took hold when Phillip salvaged rusty machinery, fire extinguishers, compressor covers, motorcycle tanks, etc. that had been abandoned and scattered around the farm. The wealth of material at hand generated the whimsical sculptures that have brought Phillip attention from around the world. Art appreciators find there is good will and humor in each piece.

Looking out on his ranch Phillip is pleased with what he has created, a melding of the present with the past

Alta Vista Gardens is proud to host five sculptures by Phillip Glashoff in the newly completed Sharon Kern Culinary Herb Garden. Click on the links below to view photos the sculptures.

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