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“Abstract Naturism is an appropriate way to describe my work, as well as industrially-organic.  Both define the outcome of mimicking nature through intense hours of manipulating metal, concrete, paint. and found or reclaimed objects into organically formed art.”


Benjamin Lavender was born and  raised in Austin, Texas, an artistic and musical city. When he moved to  Nashville, Tennessee, he earned his Associates of Fine Art from Watkins College  of Art and Design, with first place in ceramics and second in sculpture during  his exiting student show. Lavender then moved to San Diego and received his BA  in sculpture from San Diego State University in 2003. Benjamin quickly  established himself in local group and solo shows in the surrounding area,  including San Diego Fine Arts Society’s annual, “Sculpture in the Gardens," at  the San Diego Botanic Gardens. Lavender recently exhibited his largest sculpture  to date, "Kite of Paradise," in the annual "Kites Over Vista”.  Lavender has  also participated in several other juried group shows including: the annual  "Sculptures in the Street" in Mesa, AZ,  "San Diego Art Prize: New  Contemporaries," at Simay Space, San Diego, CA,  and the Port Of San Diego  Sculpture Show (now named Artwalk on the Bay) San Diego. Benjamin has shown at  Planet Rooth, San Diego, CA multiple times over the past 4 years during "Ray at  Night," San Diego's longest running art-walk located in North Park. Benjamin  Lavender has claimed San Diego as home, but continues to spread his artwork  throughout surrounding areas.

Ben can be reached by email at: or visit his web site at



‘Kite of Paradise’

This is an enlarged  representation of one of the most unique flowers that thrive in this region,  the bird of paradise. With its bold colors and sculptural form, the kite of  paradise represents the celebration of my mothers life, whom I have lost  recently. The kite of paradise is also a symbol of this amazing region of the  land we live in that allows the most tropical and colorful plant-life to thrive.   

Asking price is $6,000.00


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