John Dole- ‘Arborescence’

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Arborescence: This 16 foot tall aluminum sculpture is an abstract expression of arborescent life. It grows upward to a peak from a solid rounded foundation, balanced by suggestions of limbs and leaves that move in the breezes, alive with unbalanced horizontal vectors, repeating the endless variety in nature.

"ARBORESCENCE" is for sale on consignment. It is priced at $14,000.

The Goals of the Artist
When I design my outdoor sculptures, I aim to merely suggest the complexity of the natural world around us by reducing extraneous and distracting details to the simplest of forms. At the same time, I use materials, aluminum and Corten steel, that contain the shades, tones and light that nature displays. Aluminum sheet can look like the slate-gray of an approaching thunderstorm or the reflected light off water in streams, seas, and clouds. The orangey-rust color of the specialty steel emanates earth tones and Fall colors.

In "ARBORESCENCE" I see the forms of a tree reduced to simplified symbols of a trunk and and limbs and, it is hoped, the viewer does, too.. I design to both dazzle and project a meditative state of being, to compose three-dimensional poetry to launch us on a startling, and, at the same time, a quiet spiritual ride in space,

John Dole is a sculptor and painter who is based in North San Diego County. Most of his recent work, however, was conceived and created in Northern New Mexico, where he lived for eight years. His work "ARBORESCENCE" here in Alta Vista Gardens was on display at the Port of San Diego in its year-long Urban Trees show on the harbor waterfront in 2010. His sculpture was on display at the Lumina Gallery in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico and can be seen now at the Shidoni Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His paintings were in a number of juried gallery shows in and around San Diego during the Nineteen-nineties. His paintings and drawings were shown at the Stables Gallery in Taos, New Mexico in 2007..
He has studied under such giants of the art world as Oskar Kokoschka, the renowned German Expressionist, Leon Golub,and Millard Sheets.

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