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Bugs, Birds & Butterflies Children’s Garden Elements Under Consideration

Sculptures-Dinosaur statues with dinosaur (toys) play area.                                                                   Ivy Bodens’ donated Kite Sculpture to be located at center of Garden with curved benches around it.    A concrete (or rock snake) play element

Benches for parents

Shaded Teaching/Project Area with a Canvass or Parachute covered roof

Building/Playhouse-Hubble-Type structure made of used tires packed with earth, wine and beer bottles filled with water and cemented in, earth roof with plantings

Tunnel- Made of separated 48” long sections of 36” diameter drain pipe that undulate through the landscape

Sensory Garden-Plants selected for their excitement of the different senses:

Smell: Pink Breath of Heaven; Gardenia; Sweet Olive, Chocolate Flower, Lemon Verbena, Peppermint scented Geranium, Lantana, Rosemary Tuscan Blue, Allspice, Michelia champaca (Joy perfume tree), Ylang-Ylang (Chanel No.5 Tree)

Taste: Sungold Cherry Tomatoes, : Chocolate mint, Pineapple guava, Society Garlic, Shiso, Strawberry tree, Southern Highbush Blueberries

See: Abelia x grandifolia Kaleidoscope, ‘Angel’s Trumpet, Maidenhair tree, Garden hydrangea, Coral Bark Japanese Maple, Cork Oak

Hear: A Music Garden with Goldenrain tree, Chinese lantern plant, Bamboo, Palm trees, Southern magnolia

Touch: Lamb’s ear, Fiber optic plant, Flannel bush, Fremontodendron, Cockscomb, Pussy willow, Lion’s Tail

Perimeter of Garden to be planted with plants designed to attract: Birds, butterflies & insects. Also assign an area for useful plants such as All-Spice, Henna, Chocolate Bean, Coffee Bean, Vanilla Bean, Tapioca, Cinnamon etc.

Vegetable Garden- Beanpole teepee, scarecrows w/nasturtiums, gourds, pizza veggies. Possibly located somewhere else outside the Children’s Garden

Water Feature- A patio with water jets sending streams of water across the area in  a seemingly random manner

Handicap Accessible Porta-Potty Restroom

Entry Trellis Cover-next to new Handicap parking space and Donor recognition plaque

Click Here to view the plan of our soon to be built ‘Bugs, Birds & Butterflies’ Children’s Garden



Water Patio

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